Rep. Walsh Votes Against Boehner Plan

Walsh votes against the Boehner Plan
Walsh votes against the Boehner Plan
Press release 7/29/11:

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-08) voted against House Speaker John Boehner’s plan to raise the nation’s debt ceiling.

Of his vote, Walsh stated “I recognize the difficulty of negotiating with a President who refuses to submit a plan of his own. I commend Republican leadership for putting forward another plan to raise the debt ceiling and try to steer America away from financial ruin. But due to the President’s unwillingness to compromise, House Leadership has had to offer a plan that does not structurally reform the way Washington does business.”

“Under President Obama’s leadership, this county’s deficit has skyrocketed. In two short years, the national debt has ballooned to more than $14 trillion. We cannot allow this irresponsible spending to continue. We need to reverse course and make serious efforts to slash reckless and wasteful spending. I am afraid that the plan voted on today continues to kick the can down the road to the next generation.”

“The credit rating agencies made it clear that the United States will lose its AAA credit rating unless we produce a solid plan to reduce our nation’s debt by trillions of dollars and put fiscal guardrails in place to protect future generations. That plan is Cut, Cap, and Balance.”

“The Boehner Plan is a commendable effort, but we had a great opportunity to make history here – to permanently change Washington. The House must continue to do everything it can to live up to the mandate the American people gave Congress last fall and continue to tackle Washington’s reckless spending habits and free up the private economy to create jobs.”

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