Washington Street Widening Update 10-5-13

I still can't understand why drivers insist on ignoring the barricades
I still can’t understand why drivers insist on ignoring the barricades

Crews operating heavy equipment were busy trying to stay ahead of the expected showers as they continued to lay new pipe and install new water mains along Washington Street in Round Lake. Even though there are numerous barricades up warning drivers that the road is closed to thru traffic, the machine operators still have to keep an eye over their shoulder for the ones that insist on driving thru the construction zone. I spoke with one of the operators and he told me that they pretty well knew the vehicles that reside on Lakeside Drive but acknowledged that there were plenty of others who ignore the signs as though there is some kind of toll booth if they have to drive around the side streets.

Today they were busy working on the installation and then covering up a new water main at the corner of Washington and Park. With the favorable weather we have been having they appear to be on schedule for the two-month road closure.

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  • James Noonan

    Judging from the Round Lake arrest summaries, the unlicensed, uninsured illegals can’t read the “road closed” signs.

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