Washington Street Will Reopen July 24th

Temporary striping will be installed on the new Washington Street for an eastbound and westbound traffic lane from Hainesville Road to Cedar Lake Road. The contractor will continue work on remaining construction items including: driveways, sidewalk, landscaping / restoration, asphalt surface course for Washington Street, and final pavement striping. This work will be performed under daily lane closures and is scheduled to be complete within 20 working days after July 25th.

Washington Street Design
Washington Street Design

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  • Bryan Rolfsen

    I spoke to the Round Lake Public Works dept a few months ago and they told me that there were not going to be any bike lanes. Now I see this graphic that suggests there will be. Is this certain? Will they run all the way from Hainesville to Cedar Lake?

    • by Gene Carey

      Bryan, I know that they were “proposing” bike lanes from the very beginning but hadn’t heard that they were now planning on skipping them. I grabbed the graphic from the Counties site mainly to show how the middle lane would be used as a turn lane. Without measuring the width I don’t know if it ended up being only 33′ wide or if it actually is 41′ wide with plenty of room for a bike lanes. The next time I’m over there I will drag my tape across the road and see just how wide they ended up making it. Bike enthusiasts are sure to be very disappointed if the lanes have been scrapped.

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