What Can You Buy For A Buck These Days?

Hundreds of people found out as they lined up at participating Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich locations across the area. This was promoted as Customer Appreciation Day and has been done in other Illinois locations over the past few weeks. Although I have eaten several types of their sandwiches it was generally due to someone in the office or a service provider popping for a party platter. I marked my calendar for today so that I wouldn’t forget to try out the local Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches franchise at 1924 N IL Route 83, Round Lake Beach, (847) 986-2775 (for delivery).

I expected them to be busy around lunchtime but when I arrived at around 2:00 I was very surprised to see a line stretching past the local hair cuttery. With the weather dropping back down into the fifties I wasn’t the only one who had grabbed a jacket to put on. The young lady at the end of the line even had her hood up due to the high winds.

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches, Round Lake Beach
Lines continued to form at Round Lake Beach's Jimmy John's even after 2:00

The staff was well prepared for the expected crowd with two cashiers ringing up the orders and three or four seasoned sandwich makers moving the line right along. Although their corporate full page ad said “limit one per person”, many were leaving with as many as four which normally were selling for $4.50 at this location. Having been involved with Jiffy Lube International, setting up new locations, training the crew, and getting the ‘car count’ up for a higher sale to a franchisee, I can tell you first hand that these corporate promotions make very little money for the single franchise. It is generally a money loser with the hope of gaining new customers who enjoy your products after getting them at an initially deep discount.


Jimmy John’s is set up a bit different than your typical Sub sandwich shop. The subs are pretty well pre-planned without any input from you unless you mention specifics to the cashier. This allows the sandwich makers to whip them together and put that sticker on the wrapper that says “SUBS SO FAST, YOU’LL FREAK!!”

There is no standing in line waiting for someone ahead of you taking forever to decide what kind of bread they want, what type of cheese, what type of toppings, etc., often repeated on multiple sub orders. If you need to get in and out in a hurry, you can’t beat this streamlined setup. Plus, the Vito sandwich I had was very tasty and had just the right amount of ingredients, including fresh, ripe tomatoes (I hate it when places give me those hard green, unripened ones or with a big hard core in the center of the slice).  You can view their entire menu HERE to see what their offerings consist of.

Jimmy John’s was started by Jimmy John Liautaud in a garage in Charleston, IL. back in 1983. There are currently over 1200 locations across the United States.

Supporting your local businesses helps to keep the tax dollars local.

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