What Does Round Lake District 116 Need To Do

With the opportunity to finally take over the reins of Round Lake Area Unit District 116, here are several things that the local elected officials will need to do:

1) Hire their very own Superintendent. This will be crucial since it will take the right person to maintain the success that the State authority had.

2) With the State budget in a mess, it will be essential that the new superintendent and the Board keep the District solvent since it relies so heavily on state funding. Protecting the 25 million dollars in the education fund should be a priority and finding other sources of revenue a challenge. We all know how quickly a savings account can get eaten up through unwise decisions.

3) With all the elementary and middle schools failing to reach the States minimum standards, improving academic performance should also be a major priority.

As residents of the Round Lake areas, we all have a stake in the success of District 116 and our future generation of graduates. It’s time to seize the moment of this wonderful opportunity and GET INVOLVED. We will be monitoring the upcoming decision of the State as well as the potential candidates for the position of Superintendent.

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