What The RLA D-116 Bond Referendum Will Cost Homeowners

RLA District 116 continued failing grades
RLA District 116 continued failing grades           (Click to view larger)

For early voters in the Round Lake Area District 116 school boundaries, remember that passage of the building bond referendum will cost a homeowner with an assessed valuation of $100,000 an ADDITIONAL $3,000 and homeowners with an assessed valuation of $200,000 will pay an ADDITIONAL $7,000. Don’t be mislead and be aware of the real effect of the  “no tax rate increase” being pitched by the school administration and the referendum supporters. There will be one more meeting Tuesday morning from 9:00 to 10:30 AM at the High School for those who would like to hear more about what they plan to do if the referendum passes. At last weeks meeting they were asked if there was a Plan B if it doesn’t. They indicated that there was but would not share what it entailed. This referendum does not meet with my support due to the current economic climate with so many homeowners struggling just to pay their utility bills as well as their mortgages. If you haven’t noticed, few (if any) of the local village boards have voiced their support for this referendum.

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