Whose Record is the Avon Action Slate Running On

A lot of “We this” and “We that” but the facts are…

We will all be getting a lot of campaign literature in the mail and fliers hung on our doorknobs over the next few weeks but like they say “Don’t believe everything you read!”.

Avon Action Campaign Claims
Avon Action Campaign Claims

A prime example is the Avon Action slate whose team leader, Lisa Rusch, running for Avon Township Supervisor, would lead you to believe that she was part of the decision making of her predecessor and the four trustees who actually made the decisions over the past three-plus years. When Rusch keeps saying “We” it can’t help but make me wonder what she is talking about since she was a non-voting Township Clerk. There are only two members on the Avon Action slate of eight that had ANY voting power during the time these motions were voted on, who would continue to have any vote if re-elected.

In my opinion making reference to 25% of the slate’s candidates who voted then and will continue to have a vote is stretching the “We” factor.

Lisa Rusch, Avon Township Supervisor
Lisa Rusch, Avon Township Supervisor

Is Rusch trying to take credit for the things that her predecessor accomplished along with four trustees who had voting power, some of whom are NOT running on Avon Actions slate?

Their campaign literature and website claims “We reduced elected official pay by 27%” but the facts are that only TWO on the slate voted in favor of it (Sept. 2012) since Chris Ditton had already taken over the Twp. Assessors position (Dec. 2011). In reality 50% of the trustees voting for the pay reductions are currently running AGAINST the Avon Action slate. Douglas Raul Williams is now heading the Avon Independent slate for Supervisor while William McNeill is now running as Trustee on the Avon Strong slate. Shouldn’t a candidate OWN the record they are running on rather than bragging about something that stretches the truth? Rusch might be wise to come clean and tell everyone what her actual voting record was (none) on these campaign claims. That might also explain why none on the Avon Action slate showed up at the recent LWV candidate forums since most would have been unable to back up the claims being made in their literature, including Rusch herself.

Rusch also talks about the amount of money voluntarily returned by “We”, yet it has been mentioned by several that she herself did NOT return any of her pay, only some items of “value”.

CLICK to hear Lisa Rusch’s own words

Do your homework and be an informed voter on April 9th.

As for me, I’ll be out scouring the neighborhood garage sales looking for some used trophies
so I can claim that perfect bowling score as well as that no-hitter baseball game!

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