X Marks The Spot!

We posted yesterday that we had cleared the four feet of snow surrounding our corner fire hydrant. I’m not sure if that caught someones attention but today someone came by and sprayed a BIG red X on the snow between the street and the hydrant (which was way too compacted for me to do anything with).

A large red X was sprayed in the snow near the cleared fire hydrant

Then, later on, they came by with the small rig that is used to clear the sidewalks. After taking a few scoops and dumping it on the neighbors easement, the driver left. I’m not sure if they were simply removing the large quantities of snow at the intersections so that they could return with the snow blower attachment to do the sidewalks.

Small Bobcat came by and removed the huge snow pile at the corner
but not all the way to the hydrant

Today’s paper had an article about several of the villages who require that businesses and homeowners are responsible for keeping the sidewalks cleared or get fined. We used to have to do that when I lived in Chicago. However, the sidewalks were set back far enough from the street which kept the plows from adding more depth to what was already on the sidewalks. The ones being installed in Round Lake Beach are often less than a foot from the roadway. I have tried to keep a single path, the width of a shovel, open for pedestrians only to have the plow come by and throw more snow than I had just removed. Finally, like most of my neighbors, I have given up on keeping it cleaned off. It’s become a fruitless effort.

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