Yankees Getting the Hang of Roundabouts ~ VIDEO

Yankees seem to be taking a liking to those weird Euro-style traffic circles that they fondly call “Roundabouts“. There are now two new ones in our area on Hunt Club Road at both Wadsworth Road and at Millburn Road. Back in July I had uploaded a video of the first one that was completed at Wadsworth Road. The latest one at Millburn Road was opened to traffic on October 11, 2011. According to illuminated signs, there are still going to be temporary lane closures starting November 16th.

What I found encouraging is how well us Yankees are adapting to these creatures. As you can see in the video below, drivers seem to be embracing the roundabouts and traffic appears to be moving smoothly. During the time that I was there filming the video I didn’t hear a single horn blow or screeching brakes. What was interesting, though, was how some drivers slowed down when they realized they were being videotaped.

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