Yingling Increases Government Transparency with New Law

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In an effort to increase transparency in government, state Rep. Sam Yingling, D-Grayslake, sponsored and passed legislation that requires the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget to publish and detail state spending for the state budget on its website for the coming fiscal year.


Sam Yingling
Sam Yingling

“How we spend the taxpayers’ money and what programs are prioritized should be made readily available to the citizens of this state who are footing the bill,” Yingling said. “Requiring that we publish the state budget on a website will help to increase transparency for the taxpayers of Illinois so they know how their money is being spent. This law will help keep elected officials honest and will provide a tool for constituents to see how government services are funded.”

House Bill 2955, which Yingling sponsored and helped pass in the House and is now law, will require that the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget publish the budget of the State of Illinois for the coming fiscal year within 60 days of its enactment into law. The legislation also states that the published budget include specified formats to show how the money is distributed throughout state government.

“When legislators debate and pass a budget for the state it can be a very tedious process and difficult to follow all of the moving pieces—this legislation is designed to help taxpayers understand the budget with an easily accessible tool that anyone can look at,” Yingling said. “I am pleased that so many of my colleagues joined me in supporting this important legislation to show to the people of Illinois that we are serious about increasing transparency in state government. I work for the people of the 62nd district and it is one of my priorities to make sure taxpayers have someone fighting for them in Springfield.”

Yingling represents the 62nd District, which contains portions of Gages Lake, Grayslake, Hainesville, Ingleside, the Round Lake communities, Wauconda and Wildwood. 

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  • Dave M

    Actually Scott Drury (D58) is Chief Sponsor of HB 2955. Yingling only did what most legislators do with good legislation, they attach their name as co-sponsor. Drury did the work and Yingling is a latchkey!

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