Yingling Launches On-line Petition: www.StopSandy.com

Monday, January 23, 2012

Yingling Launches On-line Petition Urging Cole to Stop Unfunded Mandate

Sam Yingling launches "Stop Sandy" petition drive
Sam Yingling launches "Stop Sandy" petition drive

Round Lake Beach– Over the weekend, three more area legislators joined the growing movement against the unfunded Legislative Scholarship Program. Senator Susan Garret, Representative Elaine Nekrtiz, and Representative Karen May have voluntarily opted-out of the controversial program that has been under heavy scrutiny for abuse, and which the State has no ability to pay.

This comes at the same time major media outlets have editorialized against continuation of the Program and watchdog groups, like the Better Government Association and the Illinois Policy Institute, have turned-up the heat on legislators who, despite the State’s dire financial distress, continue doling them out. 

One of the few hold-outs north of Chicago is Representative Sandy Cole.

Avon Township Supervisor Sam Yingling, an outspoken critic of government waste, has made multiple public calls for Cole to stop but to no avail

“She has it in her direct control to stop spending, what’s baffling is she continues,” said Yingling, “Isn’t this the attitude that has resulted in Illinois having insurmountable deficits?”

The results-oriented Yingling refuses to relent. He has launched an online petition at www.StopSandy.com to mount more public pressure. The site also includes a time-clock that logs the time since he made his first plea for her to voluntarily withdraw from the program.  

“Leadership takes action and Cole needs to be held accountable,” explained Yingling, “for too long she has operated under the radar, saying one thing to our constituents and doing another in Springfield.  This isn’t a stunt; it’s a way to ensure she does the right thing.”

Cole voted to end the tuition waiver during a House vote last March but has continued to use the perk. Yingling was quoted last week, calling this “pure hypocrisy.”

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