Yingling Votes to Pass Pension Reform Legislation

Press Release

IL State Representative Sam Yingling
IL State Representative Sam Yingling

SPRINGFIELD, IL – State Rep. Sam Yingling (D-Grayslake) issued the following statement, Thursday, after voting to pass legislation reforming Illinois’ troubled pension systems:

“There are no easy solutions to a pension crisis brought about by decades of mismanagement, but there can be no mistake – it was what legislators needed to do to rescue the insolvent pension systems.

“Yesterday’s action cutting annual increases for recipients of the most lucrative pensions, as well as measures I supported last week to cap pensionable salary and increase the minimum age to receive a pension for younger workers begin the necessary steps of reining in future costs and preventing the systems from imploding. Taken together, these measures are major steps toward protecting the promises made to workers, and ensuring services like education, health care and senior services are not swallowed up by an ever-growing pension liability.

“I believe legislators must lead by example, and it’s important to note that these measures affect legislators’ pensions as well. I don’t believe other lawmakers should be immune from the same sacrifices when it comes to pensions.

“Since I first announced my candidacy for this office, I’ve talked with hundreds of my constituents about the need for real pension reform, and yesterday I was able to make their voices heard. I understand the frustration and empathize with those in the pension systems and we have more work to do to protect the retirement that people worked hard for, as well as the tax payers.”

Yingling represents the 62nd District, which contains portions of Gages Lake, Grayslake, Hainesville, the Round Lake communities, Wauconda and Wildwood.

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