You Lose One And You Gain One

While looking for all the “shoddy properties” in Hainesville yesterday with no success I traveled past the Round Lake Roller Rink on Hainesville Road. To my surprise it is up for sale and appears to be closed as well. I’m sure that there are many unhappy kids who enjoyed going there and having birthday parties. etc. at the roller rink. The staff had posted a ‘good-bye’ on their website stating they were closing back in January. With the adjoining land that may be available (where the large wooden playground equipment used to be) why not open an indoor and outdoor paintball range since that seems to be gaining in popularity across the area.

Round Lake Roller Rink

I graduated from Lane Tech in Chicago and was on their roller skating team and we were allowed to use Riverview Roller Rink for practices. There was no organ playing but we could go as fast as we wanted to and there were no guards telling us to slow it down. Friday’s and Saturday’s were always spent at the rink. When I got married I lived not far from the rink and remember seeing a big black cloud of smoke in the sky when it burned down due to all the wood and layers of varnish on the floors. Many memories remain from the good times I had at the Riverview Roller Rink just like many will remember the ones they enjoyed at the Round Lake Roller Rink. Let’s all hope that it gets purchased and re-opened soon.
Lane Tech Roller Club
(Yes, I still have my Lane Tech sweater)

I never got into the crowd that went to The Hub out on Mannheim Road but it was too far to travel anyway. For those of you who remember Maxwell Street in Chicago, I bought several pairs of Chicago Roller Derby skates there and still have the last pair I purchased.

While we may have lost one business in District 116 (hopefully only temporarily), it appears as though there is FINALLY going to be a tenant at the beautiful new strip mall at Hainesville Road and Shorewood. The developer of this classy looking mall seems to have been caught up in the down turned real estate market, yet has maintained the property and kept it looking 1st class. I am really surprised that a pizza place, dry cleaners, hair salon, dog grooming, coffee & donut shop, veterinarian, dentist, or someone hasn’t leased one or several units. The traffic on Hainesville is certainly sufficient to support a business there. The new tenant appears to be Jewel Story and based on the sketches in the window it appears to be a jewelry designer & fashion store. Let’s hope that it is just the beginning of a successful growth for this beautiful 8-unit shopping strip.

Jewel Story Coming SoonSomeone wrote the following about the Jewel Story in Mundelein
“The very best in designer knockoff jewelry and handbags”

New 8 Unit Strip Mall

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