Concrete recycling and composting operation coming to Rt 120 & Wilson Rd.

Concrete recycling and composting operation coming to Rt 120 & Wilson Rd.

From the Village of Round Lake’s recent newsletter:

The Village owns 57 acres at the southwest corner of Route 120 and Wilson Road. The Village purchased this land with the intent it would facilitate commercial development. After a proposed development fell through, the Village continued to look for ways to attract development.

Starting in September CDHS, LLC will be leasing the property and filling the property, conducting a concrete recycling and composting operation on site. The north half of the property will be filled with clean fill to provide a level site for future commercial development. The south half of the site will preserve the existing wetlands on site and add a stormwater retention pond.

At the end of the lease, the land will be more attractive to developers as the site will be buildable, have some landscaping and stormwater infrastructure in place.



Alba Martinez says:

Sorry, how is this going to attract more commercial or future housing? It’s going to be a garbage dump site.

Tanya b says:

Where can I find the environmental impact study that was done before approving this lease?

admin says:

Since it was approved by the Village of Round Lake, I would suggest that you contact them to find out what studies were done. It’s not uncommon to use concrete debris as a fill for a low-lying area.

Ron Reisener says:

Where is the timeline? How do we know it won’t remain a dump? Should have had voter approval.

Katie Ahern says:

Silica city get ready for the dust!

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