/Delta Force dog returns to duty after being injured in Baghdadi raid

Delta Force dog returns to duty after being injured in Baghdadi raid

The dog has “returned to duty with its handler,” Milley added.

President Donald Trump said yesterday that the dog had chased Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into the tunnel where the terrorist leader then detonated a suicide vest, killing himself and three children.

“Our K-9, as they call — I call it a dog, a beautiful dog, a talented dog — was injured and brought back,” Trump said.

After the Pentagon briefing, Trump tweeted a photo of the dog. “We have declassified a picture of the wonderful dog (name not declassified) that did such a GREAT JOB in capturing and killing the Leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi!” Trump tweeted.

Commando units such as Delta Force, SEAL Team 6, and the 75th Ranger Regiment typically bring specially trained dogs on their missions, often German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois.

The dogs are outfitted with military equipment, including body armor and sometimes cameras, and are trained both to sniff out explosives and chase down fleeing terrorist fighters.

The dog that accompanied SEALs on the 2011 raid into Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden was named Cairo. Last December, a seven-year-old dog named Maiko was killed along with Army Sgt. Leandro Jasso during a Ranger raid in Afghanistan.

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