/Fatal CPD shooting investigation

Fatal CPD shooting investigation

Chicago Police shot a man who later died on the West Side.

It started at Douglas Boulevard and Lawndale on Saturday afternoon.

Police say officers stopped a 26 year-old man with a weapon, who then engaged them in an “armed confrontation,” and took off.

Officers found him, and a second “armed confrontation” took place.

The man was wounded, and died at a hospital.

No officers were hurt.

But, one officer was taken to a hospital for chest pain.

Police say a gun was recovered at the scene.

They claim they have encountered this man in the past.

WGN is hearing two CPD officers are now on administrative desk duty.

We’re also learning both fired their weapons, but it’s unclear which lead to the man’s death.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability is now investigating.

We’re told C.O.P.A. already reviewed police body camera footage.

C.O.P.A. tells WGN, the suspect was shot multiple times.

Of the two officers on administrative leave, one is from the 10th district from the initial encounter, and the second officer is from the 11th district from the second encounter.

C.O.P.A. tells WGN, officers told them the suspect pointed his weapon at officers.

But, a C.O.P.A. spokesperson says they have not yet been able to definitively say this man fired his gun at officers.


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