/Hainesville sponsors free civil war encampment, battle

Hainesville sponsors free civil war encampment, battle

The annual civil war encampment and battle will be Sept. 8 and 9 in Hainesville.

Visitors to the free event will see Union and Confederate military encampments, infantrymen and cavalry, personalities of the time including Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, and a narrated battle re-enactment complete with smoke, Civil War-era guns and canons, all performed by re-enactors, Duberstein said.

“They wear authentic garb of the time and they know about the time, so people can converse with them and a get a little bit of verified information,” Duberstein said.

The event also features a civilian encampment where re-enactors dressed in era clothing cook meat on an open fire, spin yarns and play the banjo. Visitors don’t need to sample the Civil War era food — they can purchase hot dogs, ice cream and other foods from vendors, Duberstein said.

Throughout both days, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis and Elijah Haines, founder of Hainesville, will give presentations. “And though Lincoln and Davis never met in real life, we have put together a debate they might have had giving two views of the war,” Duberstein said. “You will get some interesting perspectives.”

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