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Home-Schooled Athletes Have Alternative for Sports Activities

Sarah Murrens (right) of Home Run Kids looks to get around Elizabeth Coughlin of Woodlands Academy on Jan. 5 in Lake Forest.

In many ways, Sarah Murrens of Libertyville is a typical high school sophomore.

She spends her weekdays studying. Then, she heads to the gym to work on her basketball game in the afternoon.

There is one different in Murrens’ routine: She’s a home-schooled student and plays basketball through Home Run Kids, a co-op program based out of Village Church of Gurnee that provides athletic opportunities to home-schoolers.

“I like playing sports,” Murrens said. “I have the opportunity to play competitively without having to go to a high school or play for a club team.”

Just like her studies, Murrens’ basketball activities are more self-directed than they would be at a typical high school. The athletes competing for Home Run Kids practice together or play games only two or three days per week.

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