/How Would You Improve Affordable Housing In Your City?

How Would You Improve Affordable Housing In Your City?

In a Minneapolis neighborhood, pedestrians and bicyclists pass a crosswalk.

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What Works

Tell us one thing you’d do—if you could do anything—to change housing for the better.

July 11, 2019

As cities become more crowded, they’re coming up with innovative housing ideas—from un-zoning single-family housing to building tiny houses for low-income residents to turning underutilized land into homes for veterans.

But what else can we do?

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We want to know how you would improve affordable housing in your city, state or the nation as a whole—especially if you work with housing policy or innovation in any way. Tell us your thoughts through the form below, and we’ll publish the best responses.

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This is the second issue in this year’s What Works series, presented by JPMorgan Chase & Co., which examines the innovative ways cities are tackling some of the country’s biggest policy problems.

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