J.B. Pritzker Wants to Tax You on the Miles You Drive

J.B. Pritzker Wants to Tax You on the Miles You Drive

Possible double taxation and concerns about privacy are among the biggest criticisms against implementing a vehicle miles traveled, or VMT, tax.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker brought the idea of tracking and taxing miles driven to the editorial board of the suburban Daily Herald last week as a way to pay for infrastructure projects in Illinois.

Such a pilot program that is voluntary and only available for 5,000 drivers is ongoing in Oregon. Beginning this year, the program charges 1.7 cents per mile.

Oregon-based Cascade Policy Institute President and CEO John Charles was part of a commission to bring about the program.

“Back in 2001, the Oregon legislature decided to see a future in which the motor fuel tax would eventually become minor or completely irrelevant due to the coming revolution of hybrid vehicles, and now all-electric vehicles and people with such vehicles pay little or zero motor fuel tax and become free riders and the system wouldn’t work,” Charles said.

If a state like Illinois were ever to fully implement such a system, taxpayers need to hold politicians’ feet to the fire to get rid of other taxes, Charles said.

“[Legislators] can’t get themselves to do that,” Charles said. “They just want to double and triple tax people. OK, well that’s where it goes away then. You’re not going to get public support for double taxation.”

If such a program involves a transponder reporting to government where drivers travel, Charles said there will be privacy concerns.

“As electric cars penetrate the market at an increasing rate, I think every state is going to have to grapple with this issue, which is, ‘What’s the future like if motorists aren’t buying motor fuel, how are you going to pay for roads infrastructure?’ ” Charles said.

Taxpayers will have to be persistent that if a user fee is implemented in one area, a tax must be repealed from another, he insisted.

“People are not going to stand for it unless you’re going to give them some tax relief from some other second or third tax,” Charles said. “Politicians have a very, very hard time getting that message.”

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Erik Fries says:

more bikes on the road maybe haha

Adam Shaver says:

How about we pay enough in taxes to live in the state of Illinois as it is. GTFO.

How do I put this nicely……F**K THAT!

Don’t we support the state enough??

Susan Greve says:

As long as his billions are paying for it!

Janet Mils says:

No way! I liked him until now.

Another corrupt mentally ill obese liberal.

Tony Savino says:

They already do it’s called TOLL

That’s outrageous, they already pay a high price for that car. Is the state going pay for a new battery when the time comes ?

Jackie Hare says:

This guy is a huge douche bag!

Guess it is time to buy a horse

The scariest part of the glory of Rich Gang

And the mad exodus of ppl moving out of Illinois will continue.

It looks like they are trying to kick people out by raising and creating new taxes

John Olsen says:

Chris Kennedy you guys. F*ck JB. VOTE KENNEDY.

Isn’t that the main job of a politician, figure out new ways to tax us. They eliminate one tax, but always replace it with another. It must be hard.

What an idiot!! Sounds like another soda tax scam! Get rid of them all!

John Olsen says:

In all fairness everyone, the article says straight out that it’s just an idea and not likely to be law anytime soon. Also says its a bad idea lol.

Phil Fox says:

This is the 2nd or 3rd time the idea has been brought up in the last few years

Let’s give people another reason to leave this state!

Boy Illinois is turning into Lil’Cali ! It’s a matter of time before your taxed for the air you breathe and the water you drink! Oh thats right they already do that need to come up with another bright idea to screw the taxpayers!

Dan Miller says:

Think of it. They can only charge to the state line.

There are mileage vehicles in Illinois already ever see the plates and odometers on trailers. They pay per mile.

If you’re going to tax miles, you have to repeal gas tax. The playing field would then be even between gas and electric cars.

He’s an idiot, I can’t think of a word to describe this useless man. I’m a small business owner some days I drive 10 miles for work some days 200 through Illinois. Think what this idiots idea will do for my business. I’m losing a lot of respect for people who consider or end up voting for him. This type of thinking has to stop

No tax is ideal but it’s way cheaper than the current motor fuel tax

Carol Tobias says:

Tell the JB Pritz to go screw himself.

Linda Denbow says:

I may never be able to afford an electric car but at least the people who can are polluting the planet Les why do we have to text them differently for doing what they can

Linda Denbow says:

Are we going to tax people who ride bicycles as well

Greg Liebman says:

As so often happens with headlines like this, the knees starting jerking before the brain started thinking. It didn’t help that the writer left out some key details. 1)This isn’t an Illinois issue–it’s a national issue. Every state is struggling to fund construction and repair projects that rely heavily on gas tax revenues because cars have gotten more fuel efficient….not just electric. Less gas used, less taxes coming in….cost of maintenance doesn’t go down. 2)The theory behind using gas taxes was–and is–that the more you use the roads, the more gas you buy, so the people who use the roads the most have traditionally paid the most. Not so with electric, and their number will continue to grow. So, the question to all of you who think this is a dumb idea is simply—How do you make sure that the people who use the roads pay for the roads? Every state is wrestling with the problem—on a federal level, the gas tax has been the same since 1993, and the trust fund continues to decline. Do you want to ditch the gas tax completely and increase registration fees by hundreds of dollars? Do you want every road to be a tollway and have transponders be required for all drivers? Increase registration fees based on the weight of your vehicle? Something will have to be done, and I’ll give Pritzker credit for at least acknowledging the problem, even if it’s not popular. And, for the record, I read the interview. He didn’t say he “wants to tax you on the miles you drive”. He said we need to figure out a way to pay for roads when electric and fuel efficient cars are no longer providing enough money to keep the roads maintained. It’s very easy to bitch about our problems and pretend they’ll go away, but at some point people have to look at these problems and do something about it.

Scott Karg says:

There is no way to make a tax increase a winning issue, and the idea of the government tracking miles isn’t exactly a winner either, but the roads do need to be funded.

Greg Liebman says:

Nobody has come up with an ideal solution…yet, and the key is to figure out a way that people who use the roads pay for the roads, without invading privacy. People freaked out with transponders for the tollway when they first came out…I’m thinking that there should be a way to invent one that can track mileage without location. Otherwise, we’re going to end up with a huge registration fee increase that penalizes people who don’t drive much.

Piotr Madej says:

Yes keep voting in morons like this guy

Alan Saul says:

This fat ass has done nothing to earn his money, it was given to him. His father was a financial genius but this apple fell off the tree worm infested. Ever look at other states taxes on real estate for the current value of your house? Atlanta area is about 20% of what we pay, N. Carolina 1/3 are just 2 examples. The state is broke and run by morons. Madigan has set a great example for this call for term limits, there is the proof of its need. Listen to the Rod B. and JB FBI tapes to know this pig doesnt belong any where near taxpayer money.

doesn’t Illinois pay enough in taxes and want that what the tollway was for?

The tollway was supposed to have been paid for decades ago!!!

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