Millburn Strangler Construction Could Start as Early as May

Millburn Strangler Construction Could Start as Early as May

In order for the Millburn Bypass (Strangler) to go out for bids, several parcel purchases and agreements are still needed by IDOT

The Lake County Board on Tuesday agreed to accept the jurisdictional transfer from the Illinois Department of Transporation of nearly a mile of existing Route 45 — it will be known as Old Route 45 — when the bypass to the west is complete. The county will be responsible for maintaining that stretch of Old Route 45.

While behind-the-scenes work has progressed, the goal to go out to bids last summer or fall was delayed. Going out to bid depends on IDOT completing the acquisition of 31 parcels and agreements with local agencies, according to Gianna Urgo, IDOT spokeswoman.

With the recent sale of 11.6 acres of McDonald’s Woods Forest Preserve to IDOT, the stage has been set. Bids were on track to be sought in March “last I heard,” said Chuck Gleason, project manager for the Lake County Division of Transportation. “That’s a good thing.”

ComEd crews have been moving poles and, if the bids go out in March, construction could start in May or June, he said


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Katie Rose says:

Where is this at exactly? I’m having a hard time picturing …

Rt 45 and Millburn/Grass Lake Road in Millburn. You can follow along on my other page at:

Doug Kearney says:

Great! Another waste of money that they don’t have. Why not realign Grass Lake or Millburn road and widen 45 slightly, BUT stripe it in a functional, practical manner where the entire paved surface is used for traffic, not what it is now with the “Do Not Drive on Shoulder”? I get not driving on the shoulder, but most people’s interpretation would be gravel shoulders. Why are we paying to have shoulders that can’t be driven on and that rarely get used for parking?

I’ve often wondered about using the shoulder lane so that cars could get around the left-turners. The only thing I could see that would prevent that are the mailboxes and the danger it would present to the maildriver in his/her vehicle (being rear-ended)

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