Pistachio Shells Land Round Lake Woman in Jail

Pistachio Shells Land Round Lake Woman in Jail

Spring Grove police find prescription pills in woman’s pocket after mistaking pistachio shells for marijuana

Spring Grove police stopped Nancy Pahlman for speeding on Jan. 5, according to a criminal complaint filed in McHenry County court. When an officer mistook the pile of de-shelled pistachios in her passenger seat for marijuana, the officer asked her to step out of the car, said her attorney, Philip Prossnitz.

A search of Pahlman’s car yielded no marijuana, but police found a bottle of the narcotic pain medication tramodol in her coat pocket, according to a motion her attorney filed.

The prescription for the pills was in a family member’s name, although Pahlman does have her own prescription for the medication to help treat chronic pain from fibromyalgia, Prossnitz said.

A year earlier, when Pahlman said she was driving a family member to cancer treatment, the pills fell out of the relative’s bag, and Pahlman put them in her coat pocket for safe keeping, Prossnitz said.

The family member died shortly after, and the pills were forgotten until she brought out her winter coat again, Prossnitz said.

Pahlman, of the 1400 block of Lotus Drive, was released from the McHenry County Jail on Wednesday. Judge Jeffrey Hirsch said Pahlman could leave the jail without posting a cash bond on the conditions that she would show up to court dates and not abuse drugs.

She is charged with possession of a controlled substance, which typically is punishable by one to three years in prison.

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How does somebody mistake marijuana for pistachio shells LOL

Ryan Murillo says:

Sounds like a bully cop to me. Trying to make his quota by any means necessary

I think that Spring Grove cop needs to get their eyes checked. I have a healthy respect for law enforcement, but this sounds more like a case of targeting someone

Tramadol is less than an aspirin…why would it be charged as a narcotic? And what cop could mistakenly identify a pistachio nut shell as marijuana? The cop should be fired for stupidity!

Shar Wade says:

Unfortunately, the prescription bottle did not have her name on it, so that could be a problem. Based on all the other comments, the woman sounds like a sweet person. Things will go well at court.

Spring Grove cops are a joke. They pulled a pastor friend over and searched his car and person for “suspicion of drug paraphernalia.” He was smoking a cigar! Idiots.

Jolene Marie says:

This is all such bullshit Nancy is the best person I have ever meet

That’s such crap maybe they need to arrest him for stupidity…

Susan Clark says:

They are taking this whole I.Q. thing to new lows aren’t they?

Jenny Cortez says:

Eduardo Cortez do you remember her

She is a sweet heart why her what an asshole

Miguel Miranda isn’t the lady from Walgreens who was always so nice to us and he kids.

Jenny Cortez says:

Yes that’s her .. she is so nice

How do you mistake a pile of shells for marijuana?

Spring Grove cop pulled my daughter and boyfriend over , insisted on searching her car, found absolutely nothing!! Didn’t give a ticket because he had no reason to pull her over in the first place.

Viki Muñoz says:

Stephanie Guzman she works at David’s store

Nikki V-c says:

If this is the women I think it is…she is the sweetest woman I know in this entire town!!! The police need better things to do with their time!!

What a moron. Nancy is the sweetest person I know. This better be laughed out of court and something done to that officer for putting Nancy through this hell!

I hope she gets off, this sounds like entrapment.

Don Deibert says:

sounds like the cop needs to take a few classes on what the hell weed looks like.

That’s so stupid. Just let the woman go.

Omg she is very nice sweet person

I think the real crime here, is Spring grove PD having such a dumb officer who “mistakes” pistachios shells for marijuana

Pussy ass cops just trying to reach a quota on arrests…and then they wanna blast her personal business all over Facebook so this can stain this woman’s character…smh

Oh my heavens!!!!!! Nancy? She’s the kindest person in the world. What on earth?

Jackie says:

She’s always sweet. Obviously ,that cop gets kicked off the force. Let her go.

Mayra Munoz says:

Nick Castaneda she works at Walgreens I’m sure

Alan Saul says:

Headline should be “Nut busting nut bust nut over nuts”

Could Spring Grove Arrest Get Any “Nuttier”?

This is ridiculous.

John Voight says:

I’m acquainted with this person and she has always been extremely nice to me.

Cops around here search you for no reason, hoping they find something. Legalize recreational pistachios.

I hope she sees all the love people are sending her. She has always been one of the loveliest people in this town. Always welcoming and friendly.

Molly Curtis says:

She is one of the nicest people at Walgreens hands down
Such a shame. & to have her mugshot everywhere ‍♀️

Tonya Way says:

Oh my goodness Nancy, I hope this crap gets resolved very quickly..

Wayne Varner says:

I believe her. But prescription s are for those whose name is on the bottle only. Sad but this is why you should never have other people’s meds on you.

Ruth Marsala says:

I think that she really should have her own prescription for fiber myalgia is truly painful

Jolene Marie says:

She really does have her own prescription she didn’t even remember she had the bottle in her coat if you know Nancy this is not hard to believe

This police officer took a page out of the Chicago Police Department’s playbook. . . avoid the real crime and waste the public’s time and resources on victimless crimes like this one because it’s safer. Our judges, clerks, police officers and the alleged perpetrator have better ways to spend their valuable time.

Jujuman says:

I’m stunned by the unbelievable stupidity of the officer. Poor Nancy she’s such a hard worker and good mother. This world is getting out of hand people are nuts.

Obnoxious, this is just rediculous. She is so sweet, go after the real problems of the world

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