/Prime minister set to win Portugal’s election

Prime minister set to win Portugal’s election

Portuguese Prime Minister and leader of the Socialist Party António Costa casts his vote in Lisbon on October 6, 2019, during Portugal’s general election | Patricia de Melo Moreira/AFP via Getty Images

But prime minister’s Socialists might not secure an absolute majority, according to exit polls.


10/6/19, 9:29 PM CET

Updated 10/6/19, 9:33 PM CET

Prime Minister António Costa looks set to win Portugal’s general election on Sunday, but might fail to secure an absolute majority, according to exit polls.

As expected, Costa’s Socialist Party (PS) came in first with between 34-39 percent of the vote, followed by the main opposition party, the Social Democratic Party (PSD), with between 27-31 percent, according to exit polls by public broadcaster RTP as of 8 p.m., local time.

If the Socialists fall short of the 116 seats needed for an outright majority in the 230-seat parliament, they will likely need to reach a deal with one or more parties to remain in power.

The Left Bloc and the Communist/Greens coalition (PCP-PEV) — the hard-left parties that backed Costa’s current minority government in parliament — scored between 9-12 percent and 6-8 percent of the vote, respectively.

Exit polls also show the center-right CDS-People’s Party and the People-Animals-Nature party (PAN) each scored between 3-5 percent of the vote.

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