/Proposal 23: What will become of high school football rivalries?

Proposal 23: What will become of high school football rivalries?

The IHSA recently announced the passage of Proposal 23 by the state’s member schools that in 2021 will eliminate the current conferences that exist for football (goodbye Mid-Suburban League, Fox Valley, East Suburban Catholic, North Suburban, Central Suburban, West Suburban, DuPage Valley, Upstate Eight, and all the rest). Instead, newly formed districts that are based on enrollment and geography would be created.

Part of the impetus for this change is to stop the growing trend of schools jumping from one conference to another, leaving their former conferences sometimes in a bind with uneven numbers or a lack of numbers suitable for scheduling.

Another reason to move to districts is to level the playing field so that, for instance, 6A-sized schools aren’t in conferences in which they are forced to compete with 8A-sized schools, the largest schools in Illinois.

And while those reasons may seem logical and sensical, there is still resistance.

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