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Where Pets and Treasures Get a Second Chance

English Mastiff

Do you know how a cattle- herding dog survives suburbia? We took a leap of faith in this anxious looking, stub-tailed pooch; we couldn’t leave her at the adoption event. Angel hopped into the car and proceeded to “herd” our socks, shoes and our chihuahua the moment she came through the door. We’ve learned to love each other without benefit of cows.

Angel might have been at a city shelter, but animal welfare has made some strides since the founding of The Royal Humane Society , human lifesaving organization in 1774. Animals are now the focus , and one giant step is the foster home, a rescue program placing needy pets in a home until the agency finds them a “forever home.”

Reach/Rescue in Mundelein launched an alternative to the trauma of kennels and crowded cat houses. The volunteers accept rescues from other IL shelters which are crowded and euthanize animals. Reach/Rescue also transitions animals separated from owners by natural disasters such as hurricanes.

7 month old female Lab

Rescue programs like this local organization depend on financial support from animal lovers, and fund-raising is challenging. Reach/Rescue got creative. American can-do business skills are saving animal lives more than ever. The answer is “recycling.” The adoption group partners with Whiskers & Wags Resale, a potpourri store of recycled but quality home decoration and canine products. On Saturdays and Sundays, the store opens a wing to adoption of dogs; their cats are on Facebook but can meet up with prospective owners.

An abandoned dog or cat can now spend time under the dining room table, petted by loving hands, and survive the trauma of his great losses to become a life’s companion. Foster care is the way to go, so head over to the Resale Shop this weekend, find a hidden treasure and a furry friend for life.

www.reachrescue.org / Facebook

Resale / Wags & Whiskers
372 Townline Rd   (near intersection Townline & HWY 83, next to Garden
Mundelein IL 60060
STORE HOURS: Tuesdays 10 am-5 pm & Wednesdays 11 am-4 pmA

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Laura Wilson, freelance
1325 Victory Dr
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Cell: 847-494-0869

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