/Saddlebrook Farms’ Residents Voice Concern Over Taxes & Fees
Saddlebrook Farms

Saddlebrook Farms’ Residents Voice Concern Over Taxes & Fees

State Rep. Yingling promised to stay connected with one resident who said would work with him and then keep the others informed

At a Thursday forum, held at the Fremont Township office in Mundelein, the main topic turned to taxes and maintenance fees at the Saddlebrook Farms’ 55-plus community in Grayslake. Residents living on the same block don’t understand why their fees and taxes vary since they all have similar size lots and properties.

State Representative Sam Yingling, who hosted the forum, had several suggestions. including legislation that would require communities like Saddlebrook Farms to fill out disclosure forms with a breakdown of costs annually. Anothe would be a senior tax freeze, although the Saddlebrook Farms residents pay into the community, who then pays the taxes since the lots are all leased.

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