Study Paves the Way for Pay Increases in Round Lake

Study Paves the Way for Pay Increases in Round Lake

The study also led to changes for the village’s 24 nonunion employees

In December 2016 the village board hired GovHR USA to analyze village salaries, compare them to those in similar suburbs and recommend changes.

MacGillis said he was hesitant at first but now is glad the village chose to pay for the study.

He said the data gathered helped speed up negotiating sessions with the three Round Lake employee unions: Public Works Local 150, Police Officers MAP No. 444 and Police Supervisors MAP No. 459.

“They were faster because of the information we gave them because we had information to back up what we’re doing,” MacGillis said. “Employees were happy, the administration was happy, I’m happy we didn’t spend so much money on attorneys for it.”

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Kevin Sears says:

Sure is amazing these “public” servants always find a away to Pat them selves on the back and reward themselves. Do they not look at the average salary of the people that live in their jurisdiction and see what kind of raise they get? Hell they just gave themselves what some people make in a year. But they are worth it.. easy to spend other people’s money.

Lisa says:

Insane. The problem is all of these communities comparing their salaries to each other–makes no sense at all! Not only are these people making ridiculous sums, their pensions are similarly inflated and unfundable. Absolutely sickening. Kudos to Grayslake for outsourcing four open positions, saving their taxpayers salary AND pensions.

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