Marilyn Hartman was detained at about 1:30 a.m. by police responding to a disturbance call about a woman refusing to leave the airport

Marilyn Hartman, 66, a Grayslake woman with a long history of boarding planes without a ticket, was arrested again Sunday about 1:30 a.m. by police responding to a disturbance call at O’Hare.

When officers arrived at the scene of the disturbance, the woman was gone. Police later found Hartman in Terminal 3 and charged her with misdemeanor criminal trespassing to state land and violating her bond.

The new allegations come just 10 days after Hartman was arrested at O’Hare Jan. 18 on charges she slipped past security and boarded a British Airways flight to London. The airline later realized Hartman didn’t have a ticket and returned her to Chicago.

On Thursday, a Cook County judge ordered Hartman released from custody on her own recognizance, but ordered her to undergo a mental health evaluation and warned her to stay away from airports.

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  • Georgie Grams Kos | Jan 28,2018

    This woman needs help

  • Steven Brizick | Jan 28,2018

    I bet she’s fun at parties

  • Sandy Yinger | Jan 28,2018

    She’s nuttier than squirrel turds.

  • Debra Lynn | Jan 28,2018

    My HERO!

    • Round Lake Area News | Jan 28,2018

      Give her a uniform and hire her as a goodwill ambassador with no travel restrictions. No set schedule, just show up when she gets the urge to fly. Much better than putting her behind bars

  • Barbara Bernett | Jan 28,2018


  • Jan Bruce Hunley | Jan 28,2018

    She made it thru security & got to Paris, I think security need to hire her

  • Linda Denbow | Jan 28,2018

    This makes me feel so much safer whenever I have to be at an airport I got to love American Security

  • Erick Mestre Fridge Hernandez | Jan 28,2018

    Maybe she got thru security because security is too busy watching minorities instead? ‍♂️

  • Agnieszka Bazan | Jan 29,2018

    Monika May to jest at kobieta o której ci mówiłam

  • Michelle Thies-Bryson | Jan 29,2018

    Why is she not in a hospital getting help!

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