Traffic Speeds In Areas of Washington St. May Get Reduced

Traffic Speeds In Areas of Washington St. May Get Reduced

Speeds near the intersection of Hainesville Road and Washington Street may be reduced to 35 mph

LCDOT has determined that the current 40 mph speed limit — which was the standard before Washington was widened to four or five lanes between Hainesville Road and Lake Street and was kept in place after all the construction equipment cleared out last fall — should be reduced to 35 mph “from a point 1,300 feet east of Hainesville Road (to) a point 1,100 feet west of Hainesville Road.”

Bennecke added that the change down to 35 mph reflected, in part, traffic counts showing that Washington Street has added more than 1,000 vehicles per day immediately west of Lake Street since 2012. On top of that, the section of Washington between Cedar Lake and Hainesville roads, which was widened to three lanes in 2014, took on an additional 2,000 vehicles per day between 2012 and 2017.

The county also took into consideration a series of side streets in the Highland Lake area that form T-intersections with Washington, including South Circle Drive and Hickory and Lilac avenues. Bennecke said those streets fall within the 1,300-foot zone that would feature the 35 mph limit, so in theory, traffic would slow down for vehicles turning on and off Washington.

The county has statutory authority to set a speed limit on its roadways once an engineering study has been completed. Recommendations from LCDOT for a change have to be approved by the county board, and the revised Washington Street speed limit is not only on the Jan. 16 agenda but appears to be headed for perfunctory approval.

It’s interesting to note that, according to the LCDOT literature, “the general rule of thumb is that 85 percent of drivers will drive the speed at which they feel comfortable and safe, not necessarily at a speed of 5 mph over or under the speed limit. If the speed limit is raised or lowered without proper reasoning, the overall speed of traffic for those 85 percent of drivers is not likely to change.”

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Another speed trap like Hainesville Rd ?

Just another money maker! There is zero need for the speed limit to be lowered!! Just like Peterson Road! The speed limit on a country road is now 45 because of curb and gutter.. ridiculous!! What are you going to hit a corn stalk?

John Olsen says:

No one drives 45 on Peterson lol.

Larry Boyd says:

Not in favor unless data shows there has been an increase in accidents at that intersection since the roadwork was completed.

Exactly my thought! Maybe we all need to get to this meeting where this vote is happening. Take for example, oh say…. Lewis Avenue. I don’t know, maybe it’s 35, lots of houses on both sides. Lots of walking people. Washington Street now has Sidewalks! Oh, here’s a Great Example! Washington & Hunt Club! Speed Limit on Hunt Club is 40 from at least Grand all the way South to State Route 120. And how Many Accidents are there Every Week at Washington & Hunt Club. I thought the signs said it was a road improvement.

Erik Fries says:

People do 60+ through there. What good is a sign. That’s like saying theres a speed limit on Rollins between 83 & 45

Unrelated note, the stretch of Rollins between 45 and 83 shoukd probably be 65 because that’s about as fast as most people go. Seriously how does nobody ever get pulled over in the morning since everybody seems to be going 15 over minimum.

John Olsen says:

I set my cruise at 48 on Rollins and everyone passes me.

Tom Bock says:

Doesnt matter what speed limit is with all the bad drivers out there texting/talking/not knowing how to drive anyway.

It’s a good road. It should be increased but decreasing is bad.

Gene Carey says:

When I’m out there driving my trailer, I can barely keep up with traffic

Tom Bock says:

That’s funny,,,, I TOW my trailer, I don’t “drive it”

That was the headline in today’s Daily Herald’s AutoSaturday section. I found it amusing.

The speed limits are all getting to slow in Lake County. They need to crack down harder on the texters & cell talkers instead of going for the easy speeding ticket. Slower traffic goes the more time people have to look around and not pay attention.

Sounds like a scam to write more speeding tickets.

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that they were behind on their quotas. Gotta extort it out of the people somehow, right?

That is a crazy idea. No to lowering speed limits on the new beautiful road.

I don’t understand WHY it should be reduced. I live off this street and it’s not needed.

Linda Kelly says:

Why?? There’s no good reason to do so except to be able to hand out more tickets.

I think it’s more revenue for the village.

What a load of crap!
The article says “85% of drivers will probably not be affected by a reduction of 5mph, and that traffic speed will most likely stay the same”

Which would be true most places. Except in this area, where the RLP/Hainesville cops are always parked here waiting for someone to make the slightest mistake imaginable and pull them over. This department is notorious for doing that.
Just an excuse to pull more people over and hand out tickets
It’s perfectly fine as it is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Brian Cziczo says:

Lived in RLP for 10 years. Never before and not since I left have I had the amount of tickets and pullovers from rude ass officers.

My point exactly.
Out of all the RL area cops.. or anywhere else in lake county. These are the ones I’ve ever had issues with.

Bob Strang says:

Have you read the article? The reduced speed limit is only for 1300 ft. on either approach to the Hainsville road intersection. There is lots of traffic entering and leaving the road in that area. It can be intimidating trying to pull into traffic with cars driving so fast. If it prevents just one accident, then I say go for it.

The widening of washington was to reduce traffic congestion and the construction of a bridge to allow the railroad to go back and forth and not back up traffic…great….but reducing the speed is only going to create a back up of traffic again…of which i live off washington and as far as traffic i still really haven’t seen much improvement at least on this side of hainesville by forest glen, horrible. Folks want our opinion on it but won’t take it into consideration…then why ask??? Just done.

Oh and as an added note…speed limit here is already 30…and absolutely NO ONE FOLLOWS IT!!. It takes on average 10 minutes to pull out of my driveway in the morning and worse in the evening.

Mary Vidone says:

This is the same group that lowered the speed on Hainesviile from 35 to 30 and the park police waiting to trap motorists to issue tickets. No no no not a good idea. They should go back to 35 on Hainesviile and do us all a favor. Not needed

JRW says:

My backyard is on the new stretch of Washington Street west of Lake Street. The speed of the traffic has increased dramatically and there is a good percentage of the traffic that gun their motors going under the railroad track. Our homes natural sound barriers (the trees) were cut down. The traffic noise has increased by 50%. There needs to be a sound study and a berm or sound barriers installed. No consideration was given to replacing the natural growth that was removed. Very disappointing.

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