/Wauconda cracking down on vaping

Wauconda cracking down on vaping

Weeks after shelving a proposal to increase the minimum age for buying cigarettes in town, Wauconda trustees are cracking down on people who use vaping devices.

The village board on Tuesday amended local regulations to forbid selling “vapor cigarettes or vapor cigarette cartridges” to anyone 17 or younger. The rule already applied to tobacco accessories, tobacco products or herbs designed for smoking.

The board also added a provision prohibiting possession of tobacco products, vapor cigarettes or vapor cigarette cartridges by anyone on school grounds.

Wauconda Unit School District 118 officials requested the change. The ordinance previously had only banned minors from possessing tobacco products in town, and schools weren’t singled out.

“The intent of the ordinance is to prevent students who are 18 … from possessing, using and potentially distributing these products to minor students under the age of 18 on school grounds,” Village Administrator Kevin Timony said.

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