Woman Claims Torching SUV Was An Accident

Woman Claims Torching SUV Was An Accident

Julie Gagne, 47, is accused of using a flamethrower to torch her SUV in November and then falsely reporting it stolen to Schaumburg police.

A Barrington woman accused of using a flamethrower to torch her SUV in November told police she bought the device as a gift for her father and was assembling it when it accidentally went off, according to police documents obtained by the Daily Herald.

Barrington police said Gagne used the flamethrower to set her SUV ablaze about 10:30 p.m. Nov. 10 in an office center parking lot on the 1500 block of South Grove Avenue, near Dundee Road. The Infiniti SUV, which has a sticker price of about $48,000, was registered in her name, police said.

An investigation found Gagne used an X15 Flamethrower manufactured by Ohio-based XMatter to torch the SUV, according to police. They said the $1,600 device — purchased online and legal to own in Illinois — uses a mix of about 3 gallons of fuel and napalm to throw flames as far as 50 feet.

Gagne told investigators she drove into the lot across the street from Barrington’s post office because she wanted to assemble the flamethrower and have it ready to present to her father the next day, according to police reports. She reportedly told police “a freak accident” occurred when the device set her SUV on fire.

“When I asked why she thought her (70-year-old) father would want a flamethrower, she stated, ‘I thought he would get a kick out of it,'” Barrington police Detective Lori Allsteadt wrote in a report.

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The story alone is worth the entertainment.

I wonder when my daughter is going to surprise me with a flamethrower. 🙂

LOL, and you know…she has to test it out before she gives it to you!

How much booze was involved ???

wish the site for just rl news history of RL was more in depth

The idea that a flamethrower (napalm, really?) Is legal to own is terrifying. What POSSIBLE reason is there for that??? Also, she’s guilty as sin.

Mike Bloom says:

I’m sure this is all just a big misunderstanding

There are some crazy people out there. More to this story

Frank Rizzo says:

Same thing happened to me once.

I know I’m always spending Friday nights in office center parking lots miles away from where I live, assembling blowtorches and flamethrowers as gifts for family members. And of course, sometimes they go off, all by themselves. Really. Honest.

She was just, ummm, trying to thaw the locks!…eh?

so maybe she couldn’t assemble it at home because they live in the same house? But, I would think all the tools to asssemble it are still at home.

Assembling is one thing but adding the fuel mixture is quite another. They even found special hand-wipes to remove fuel traces from your hands at the site.

Where exactly do you find napalm?!?!?! Who in their right mind would think 1. It’s a good idea and 2. Think anyone’s gonna believe that story?

Including her lawyer (behind closed doors).

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