/Zoning Update for Number of People Occupying Gurnee Dwellings
Village of Gurnee

Zoning Update for Number of People Occupying Gurnee Dwellings

The Gurnee Village Board voted this week to add a definition of “family” to its zoning code

The board voted Monday to adopt the following definition of “family,” as recommended in a memo from Gurnee Associate Planner Clara Schopf: “One or more persons related by blood, marriage, legal adoption or guardianship, or not more than four persons not so related, living together on the premises as a single housekeeping unit.”

The definition added that the term “family” does not include “and shall not be interpreted to include the following facilities addressed in this and other sections of this regulation: residential care facilities, community residences (large or small), fraternities, sororities, or dormitories.”

The zoning text will also define the term “single housekeeping unit” as recommended in Schopf’s memo: “Any household whose members are an interactive group of persons jointly occupying a dwelling unit.”

The memo added that the definition of occupying a dwelling unit includes, “joint access to and use of all common areas including living, kitchen, and eating areas, (and) sharing household activities and responsibilities such as meals, chores, expenses and maintenance, and whose makeup is determined by the members of the unit rather than by the landlord, property manager, or other third party.”

Schopf stated that a consultant advised the village to avoid defining the word “family” in its zoning ordinance because of a lawsuit filed against Waukegan two decades ago.

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